Sunday, August 19, 2012


As a single parent, everything that transpires in your household depends solely on you. Seven out of ten households with children are sustained exclusively on the income of one parent. As you can visualize it gets unbelievably harder everyday to meet the difficulties of parenting. Childrearing has its challenges but it is very imperative that parents guarantee that their children are nurtured to develop as healthy individuals. At times there are instances where daily life struggles interrupt the simple plans of providing the simple luxuries it takes to supply a child daily. We at SWAKlife are elated about embarking on this wonderful opportunity to help those families. SWAKlife empathizes with how hard it is just to make it on a daily basis and we are here to provide, encourage, inspire and help nurture that parent that is nurturing the development of their child. The vision of SWAKlife is to reach out to the single male, female, grandparent, guardian or sibling that may be responsible for raising a child alone.
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