Thursday, October 4, 2012

So Buzz has a favorite do I!

So a few weeks, days, hours ago...I don't know...sometime recently in the news....this father of two, Buzz Bishop, candidly admitted on his blog to having a favorite child. The media went wild...chastising him, questioning his parenting, just about everything short of having child services come take his children away. I suspect I know why the sudden outburst of parental hate towards Mr. Bishop.....because he was speaking the truth that no parent is supposed to admit! Now, before you include me in the recent hate bash with Buzz, let me explain. All I'm saying is that I can kind of relate to what he was saying about having a favorite child....BUT unlike Bishop I'm not saying that out of my three children I have an overall favorite...but I will admit to having a favorite child for certain things/activities. To give you examples...Carter Brooke (2yrs old) is my favorite child to cuddle with. Does that mean I don't like to cuddle with my other children? No....just that Carter is my favorite child for that activity. She gives good cuddle!! Lol! She'll just snuggle with you and give you sweet kisses and touch your face and lets me hold her as long as I want....whereas Camden will give me about 2 minutes tops of cuddle time before he wants to get down and Kennedy...well...she is already "too big" to cuddle {tears...she's only 5?? Geez!} but sometimes when she is not feeling well she'll let me cuddle with her though...hey gotta take what you can get around here.

Speaking of Kennedy....that's my roll dawg right there!! The rare occasion the twins are with the "other parent" or their grandparents for the weekend and it's just me and her....we ride out!! Okay...don't think I'm like taking her to the bars or anything...but we will go out to eat, maybe catch a movie or something. She is my favorite child to go to restaurants and the bookstore with....I mean hey she can feed herself and read so she's practically grown. With her I can hang out a little later, have interesting conversations like this one

.....and going from 3 kids to 1 just feels like you're practically childless! (Why didn't somebody tell me how good I had it with just one child! LOL! I kid, I kid...but really...why?)

Last but certainly not least is my Cam (2yrs old) he takes care of mama. He is my favorite child to share a snack with. One because he's so polite about it...using his manners...please and thank you...okay it's more like "peas" and "tank you mommy" but you get the idea. Not only that, he makes sure mama is full always offering me a piece of his snack....which is always covered with his sweet baby sugar so I usually decline...not to thrilled about having my snacks "pre-chewed"

But anyway, my point is I think if parents really admitted it, they might realize that they have a favorite child too....maybe not overall favorite like Bishop admitted to...I think that was taking it a little far...just my opinion, but at least he was honest with himself about it and that's more than I can say for some parents walking around lying to themselves...

Let me know what you think!


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